INTO - Accelerating Inhalation Development


Reducing Complexity

With INTO’s consolidated expertise, we provide a unique overarching view to overcome formulation challenges and reduce complexity.


We can create a tailor-made solution for you, specific to your development needs.

One Touchpoint

We offer you a single gateway with direct access to expertise in the field of inhalation, to solve your formulation challenges.

The scope of services provided by INTO ranges from rapid multifactorial Proof Of Concepts (PoC’s) to full scale API, excipient, blend and filling design and development and troubleshooting and consultancy of established programs.

We are agile and flexible, coming together as needed and leveraging our successful experience to accelerate customers’ inhalation development.

INTO is a unique cooperation of experts in the field of Dry Powder Inhaler. The consolidated experience of DFE Pharma, Sterling and Harro Höfliger offers a coherent and focused approach in inhalation product development. 

DFE Pharma, Sterling and Harro Höfliger continue to offer their individual products and service to the inhalation pharma industry.
As INTO we cooperate to make inhalation product development simpler, faster, economic and easier to manage. INTO offers a co-ordinated and aligned suite of services in support of product development leveraging on our unified set of skills and consolidated expertise.

DFE Pharma, Sterling and Harro Höfliger represent the service of INTO jointly or individually in the market. Customer can choose the advantage of the combined and interdisciplinary service of INTO.

Such service inquiries will be coordinated and reviewed within the INTO team. A consolidated service proposal is jointly presented to the customer.

Each customer can freely choose his preferred lead contractor for the inquired service while the other INTO partners taking the role supporting sub-contractors.

The lead contractor is the dedicated point of contact for the customer. The lead contractor has direct responsibility for organization, coordination, performance and delivery of the services provided in the quotation.

The customer’s advantage:

DFE Pharma, Sterling and Harro Höfliger are well known suppliers with existing b2b relationships for many customers. Thus, the INTO service and lead-contractor model can be received by many customers without administrative efforts of creating new supplier relationships and related commercial conditions: liability, service agreement, payment conditions, confidentiality, etc.

Each INTO partner stands with its name and reputation to make customers inhalation product development project successful.